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Premium Natural Hair Tape-In Hair Extensions in Vaughan, ON


Your hair is a vital part of your identity. It frames your face, accentuates your style, and can significantly impact how you feel about yourself. Do you crave the confidence that comes with long, luscious locks, but worry about commitment or damage? At JC Hair Beauty Med Spa, the leading hair salon in Vaughan, ON, we offer a solution: tape-in hair services!

Tape-in hair extensions are a popular choice for those seeking to effortlessly achieve longer, fuller hair. Tape-in extensions are gentle on your natural hair and require no special care. You can continue using your regular hair products to maintain your beautiful new look!

Are you interested in tape-in hair extensions in Vaughan, ON, or the surrounding areas? Contact us today to chat with our professionals about our salon services and see if a tape-in hair extension application is the right fit for you!

Hair Services: Tape-In Hair Extensions in Vaughan, ON

Our hair services include professional tape-in hair extension applications for a safe and seamless look. Depending on your hair beauty goals and personal vision, we offer a range of tape-in hair extensions to Vaughan, ON, including:

Tape-In Volume (Cost: 699+)

Our tape-in volume salon services integrate with your own hair, adding significant volume and fullness from root to tip. This is ideal for those with fine or thin hair who desire a glamorous, bombshell look.

Tape-In Length (Cost: 899+)

Our tape-in length hair services make long, sexy hair possible without the wait of growing out your natural hair. We offer a variety of lengths to suit your preference, all crafted from high-quality, natural hair that blends flawlessly with your existing hair texture and colour.

Removal (Cost: 120+)

Ready to try something different with your hair? Our stylists use a safe and meticulous removal process to ensure your natural hair remains healthy and undamaged after tape-in hair extensions.

Hair Beauty Salon Services

Imagine the endless possibilities with long, beautiful hair. Our 100% natural tape-in extensions for Vaughan, ON, offer a convenient and safe way to achieve your dream hairstyle!

Let our expert stylists guide you on your hair beauty journey. We will work with you to understand your desired look and recommend the perfect tape-in hair extension and hair services for your hair type and needs. Contact us today to book your appointment or learn more about our hair salon for Vaughan, ON, and the surrounding areas.